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  1. Lisa

    I’m just starting my keto journey and happily stumbled upon your website. I can’t wait to try all your recipes. I was wondering would you be able to share what a typical meal daily plan looks like for you? I’m having a rough time figuring out what to eat mainly for breakfast or lunch, especially on days when I’m on the go. Any recommendations? Also, do you drink bulletproof coffee? If so, how do you make it? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for reaching out – I’m glad you found me, too!

      I work Monday-Friday, so every day before work I saute mushrooms and spinach in butter and hot sauce and then scramble 2 eggs with them, top with mozzarella cheese until melted. It’s only 360 calories but keeps me full for 6.5 hours. I suppose I’m boring in that I have been literally eating that daily for six months now, but I never get tired of it ever and sometimes end up having it again for dinner because it’s just so good. Keep in mind that breakfast does not have to be breakfast food – you can eat leftovers of dinner from the night before. Lots of keto-ers eat variations of eggs/omelettes, sausage, bacon and avocado at breakfast. You can also make pancakes out of a cream cheese batter (Google cream cheese pancakes) as well. If you want, you can find low carb tortillas and make breakfast burritos with eggs, sausage, salsa, etc. inside and you can even freeze them and just re-heat at a later time.

      My lunches at work usually include some combination of a salad (with ranch dressing), leftovers, pepperoni, cheese sticks, almonds, my jalapeno bacon biscuits, hard boiled eggs, tuna salad, roast beef and cheese roll-ups, cucumber slices with ranch, etc. I end up eating snacky foods at lunch because I’m still not that hungry and I enjoy saving calories for a bigger dinner. If you have a Pinterest account, I recommend searching “low carb lunches” and you’ll see a lot of great results that may need just a little tweaking to be keto-approved.

      I do not drink BPC. I’ve actually never had coffee in my entire life! Here is a tutorial from the creator of BPC on how to make it: Most people I know use coffee, 1tblsp butter, 1tblsp coconut oil and Stevia or another sweetener of choice. Some add heavy cream, too.

      Hope that helps, happy to answer any future questions you may have, too!

      • Lisa

        Thank you so much for replying so quickly!
        Those are all great ideas! I will be trying those out for sure. I definitely will be making your egg muffins for breakfast on the go. Your lunch ideas sound great as well. I really appreciate your advice and congrats to you for achieving such successful results with keto! I hope to do the same.

      • Pauline

        From what people always say to me I thought i was the only one who has never drank a cup of coffee in their entire life! Good to know I’m not the only one. Love your recipes.

  2. Heike Floesser

    I think this is very interesting site that I am going to look into my girlfriend at work’s Sister found your site and made your Mushroom spinach soup and she said it was good so she had me pull the site up. I am very interested in Loosing a lot of weight so I am going to try some of your recipes. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Heike! I hope you enjoy the recipes as well and I’m glad she liked the soup, too. Good luck on your health journey; my best advice is to just put in an effort each day to make healthy choices – they will add up and you’ll be successful!

  3. Susan

    Hi Alison,
    Congratulations on your weight loss. I too stumbled upon you site looking for low carb recipes. Yours look absolutely delish!! I want to lose 40 lbs. I just started my low carb low sugar lifestyle last week and 4lbs down..whoo hooo. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes.

    • Hi Susan! Thank you so much – I’m glad you found me! Congratulations on the wonderful start and keep it up! You’ll be down the 40 in no time, but you’ll feel great long before then. Thank you for reading and for your support!!

  4. Pam

    Hi. I’m old enough to be your grandmother, probably, but I still want to get back on track with health and weight control. I’m 64, have a few assorted auto-immune diseases, and and tricky thyroid, so I want to stop this roller coaster with my weight. I love all the things you’ve posted for breakfast and lunch and snacks. Any recommendations for a sweet tooth?

    • Hi Pam! Don’t tell my mom I told you, but she’s going to be 62 this year, so really you’re just her age. 😉 I absolutely love the recipes that Carolyn has posted over at All Day I Dream About Food. Baking and sweets are definitely not my strong suit, but she makes amazing dishes. I highly recommend you check her out; I am sure you will find something you’ll love!

  5. Brittney Adamson

    Hi, love this site, was recommended by a friend for one of your recipes but I can’t find it here. Peanut butter fat bombs? Either way though going to definitely try a lot of these recipes you have here. I’ve been doing low carb for almost 3yrs now and in the first 8 months of this journey I lost 56lbs! Now I just feel so good and being 45 I’ve decided to continue to forever remain low carb. It works for me! I do treat myself about twice a month with some things like pasta or white rice, but with these recipes you’ve got I may not anymore! So glad to have found you,

    • Hi Brittney! So glad you found me. I’ve updated my recipe index to include a Desserts category, and you’ll find the Fat Bombs listed there. There’s also a search bar on my homepage if ever you’re looking for something in particular. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Jess

    I absolutely LOVE how you have your recipes organized! I can easily find what I am looking for and think it is great that you have all the different categories. Plus, if a recipe fits under two (or more) different categories (like breakfast and eggs), you will find it in both sections. Have started a list of things to cook for next weeks meal plan!

  7. Yum yum yum! I cant wait to add some of these to my dinner menus! I found you via a post for your tuna cakes, then seen the shrimp sushi (another favorite I’ll be making very very soon because I miss sushi!) And then migrated here and WOWZA! The recipes don’t look super complicated either, so if I need the hubby to make dinner he MIGHT be able to follow! 😉

    • Happy you found me, Jacque! I do try to make meals that require as few ingredients and as little effort as possible. I enjoy cooking but I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen using weird ingredients (looking at you, Ina Garten – haha). Hope you enjoy the recipes you try!

  8. Linda

    Hi Alison, I am soooo happy to have found your blog. I have already printed a bunch of your recipes and I look forward to starting my journey. Thanks again and please continue to make good food!


    I just stumbled onto ur site & LOVE IT! The dishes look SO delish. Carbs really affect my blood sugar so ur site is a fresh departure from most of the sites I hav been on. I really cant wait to start trying some of ur recipes.
    ( sorry for the text spellings, habit)

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