Keto Delivered January 2016

*FTC Disclaimer: This box was sent to me free for my consideration.  This is not a sponsored post.  As always, all opinions are my own.*

Subscription boxes have become hugely popular across numerous industries in recent years.  I know I’ve tried my fair share of different beauty and food boxes and have always enjoyed the experience of receiving some goodies in the mail each month.  That’s why I was extremely happy to learn about Keto Delivered, a subscription service that launched in August of 2015.  Co-founded by Craig Clarke of Ruled.Me, Keto Delivered curates samples of keto-friendly food products that make our lives easier while living a low carb lifestyle.  I commend Craig (and his co-founder Katie) for creating a wonderful idea and exposing all of us who are passionate about low carb eating to new foods and products.

Each month the box includes a card with information about each product inside.  I love that the retail prices of the products are included – Keto Delivered guarantees that the retail value of their products is more than the monthly subscription cost, so you’re getting a bang for your buck!

On the opposite side of the card is a recipe for a low carb dish using at least one product from that month’s box.  This is a great idea that helps subscribers incorporate the products right away into a delicious meal!

It’s so funny that the Fatworks Pure Lard Premium Cooking Oil was included in January’s box because I was just researching this company a few days ago after finding them on Instagram.

Their website includes a few varieties of cooking oils made from premium ingredients and the back of the label has a great lard pun that actually made me laugh out loud when I read it.  I am so excited to use this lard to make caramelized onions this week as I’m sure they will taste delicious!

Any coffee lovers out there?  This Espresso Nib Peanut Butter from Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters is for you.

I love how short the ingredients list is – the fewer ingredients, the better, in my opinion.  At only 2g net carbs per serving this is a keto-friendly treat that would be great in a chocolate peanut butter fat bomb or perhaps some low carb peanut butter cookies.  I would absolutely love to try the Spicy Thai Peanut Butter listed on their website!

This month’s box included two kinds of meat snacks that are keto-approved as well!

The Ayoba-Yo Droëwors beef sticks are a South African recipe created in the US and pack a lot of flavor.  They remind me of salami or another dried meat and would make a great snack at work or before dinner.

These Garlic & Fennel Pork Snack Sticks from DiMario Foods are amazing.  They kind of taste like kielbasa to me and are the perfect on-the-go snack to keep cravings at bay.  One of these with some cheese would be delicious!

I think I am most excited to try this Lazy Kettle Brand Hickory Liquid Smoke from Golden West Specialty Foods.  I’ve always wanted to try liquid smoke but never got around to purchasing a bottle, so this gives me the best excuse to finally give it a go!

I am planning a few shredded chicken recipes to eat this week and will definitely be using this to infuse some smokey flavor into the meat.  As you can see on the back of the bottle they give so many ideas for how to use liquid smoke; I know I’ll be trying a few of these soon!

Keto Delivered will re-open its subscriptions for February on February 1st.  Be sure to leave your e-mail address here so you are notified when they are accepting subscriptions again next month.  Each Keto Delivered box is $34.99 plus $5 flat rate shipping to the continental United States.  I hope you all are as excited about this subscription service as I am!

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