Keto Delivered March 2016

*FTC Disclaimer: This box was sent to me free for my consideration.  This is not a sponsored post.  As always, all opinions are my own.*

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I received a shipping notification for this month’s Keto Delivered box.  I thought I was only going to be sent one in January, but I’m happy to write about this month’s box as well!  For those who are unfamiliar, Keto Delivered is a ketogenic subscription service delivered to your home full of goodies you can eat on their own or in your daily cooking to enhance your keto experience.  I wrote more about the service and the people behind it in my first Keto Delivered post two months ago.

This month’s box offers a wide variety of ready-to-eat snacks as well as delicious ingredients that I will certainly be using in upcoming meals.  I was a bit disappointed as my box did not include a fact card with a recipe on it like I had in January – I’m not sure if this was an oversight or if they skipped the cards this month, but I did enjoy the information provided on it in January.

First is the Glory Kitchen Nut & Spice Mix in “Cairo.”

This is a robust mix of nuts and seasonings “inspired by the flavors of the Middle East.”  The company recommends using it to enhance foods like fish or meats or while roasting vegetables.  They also sell other flavors like “Provence” and “Mumbai” which is a great way to experience worldwide flavors in your own kitchen.  I will most likely use a food processor to grin the blend into a powder consistency and try it on roasted asparagus or zucchini.  It smells strong but really flavorful and I’m excited to use it!

Strollo’s beef jerky in both mild and hot were also included in this month’s box.  It is marketed as gourmet beef jerky made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness.  These have zero sugar, zero carbs and zero preservatives as well!  The mild has a very good beef flavor and is not too tough or chewy.  These are a great snack to have at home or at the office that easily fit into your keto macro goals for the day.

This month’s box also came with a sample of Coffee Booster.  Popular among low carb eaters, “bullet proof coffee” usually includes a mix of butter, coconut oil and heavy cream to add high fat content to your daily cup of coffee.

When I opened the jar I immediately thought they put Nutella inside – it smells awesome!  I am not big on coconut flavors but I find the scent to be very mild.  I took a quick swipe with my finger (after taking photos) and I can easily see how this would add a delicious boost to your morning java.  Coffee Booster uses grass-fed ghee, virgin coconut oil and raw cacao powder which makes for a nutrient-dense superfood in a jar.

I am also excited to try this Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth.  This gluten-free grass-fed organic bone broth comes in environmentally friendly packaging, making this an overall win.

Bone broth has been proven to have so many health and cooking benefits, especially for people following a ketogenic diet.  You could use this to make a gravy or sauce, for the base of a soup or stew, to deglaze a pan or even drink like tea.  It is high in calcium, magnesium, and other important vitamins and minerals and improves gut health, hair and nail growth, sleeping patterns, and joint health!

Finally, the box included two samples of Buff Bake’s Red Velvet and Snickerdoodle protein spreads.

These high protein, low sugar spreads would be great straight out of the package, on vegetables like celery or with strawberries for a sweet treat every once in a while.  I love how short the list of ingredients are – real foods make for the best products, and it’s rare to find things like this in stores these days!  The Red Velvet has a pretty high peanut butter taste, in my opinion, but I LOVE the Snickerdoodle sample.  I think the almond butter is much more mild and allows the cinnamon taste to come through.  It honestly tastes like a cookie.

I’m really excited about everything in this box and look forward to using them in different ways.  Thank you again to Keto Delivered for giving me the opportunity to try their subscription and showing my readers more keto-friendly options that can be purchased in the market.  Keto Delivered retails for $34.99 per month + $5 flat rate shipping to the US.  The retail value of the items in the box always exceed the monthly price of the subscription.  I hope you try out this subscription or some of the items inside and let me know what you think!

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