Keto At Longhorn: How to Eat Low-Carb At This Steak House

When you’re on keto, a good juicy steak really is the holy grail for eating out. Longhorn in particular is a fantastic place to enjoy some good old grilled steak. And like most chain restaurants, they have a big menu with lots of exciting options to choose from. So, let’s go ahead and take a deeper dive into the menu so you can know what is low carb when trying to stay keto at longhorn.

Best options for keto at Longhorn

Longhorn are known for their steak and that’s really what you’re going to want to stick to. T-bones, fillets, sirloins and ribeyes are all going to be solid choices when it comes to steak. And of course, you’re going to want to go easy on sauces and gravies – they are sadly full of carbs.

If you aren’t the meat eater in the party, then you could go with a fish option like the salmon. Finally, salads are your best bet for a side or starter, just be careful with the dressings as those can be high in sugar.

Before eating at Longhorn

Sticking to an eating plan like keto will always require a little bit of research and preparation. So, before heading to Longhorn it would be wise to read through the menu beforehand and know what your options are. You can check out the Longhorn menu here.

Similarly, if you are being very careful about your macro ratios (whether for dieting or health reasons), you’ll want to have a look at the nutrition information which Longhorn also provide.

Building a your keto meal

Creating your keto LongHorn Steakhouse meal is a breeze!

  • Simply select your favorite steak (or pork, chicken, or seafood).
  • Then, add a low carb side dish, like broccoli or asparagus.
  • Order a side salad without the croutons and with a low carb dressing, or Caesar salad omitting the croutons. (Or replace the salad with another side.)
  • If you’re feeling up for it, indulge in a small portion of a keto-friendly appetizer!
  • Finally, wash it all down with water or a sugar free drink like iced tea or Diet Coke

Longhorn keto menu items

CategoryItemNet CarbsNotes
AppetizersSurf & Surf Dip3This only includes the dip and not the flatbread accompaniment
AppetizersRoasted White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms4
AppetizersSeasoned Steakhouse Wings0This is just the wings and does not include the Buffalo sauce or blue cheese dressing which add 3 net carbs each
AppetizersTexas Brisket Queso5This is just the brisket without the chips
SteaksRenegade Sirloin2Either 6 or 8 oz
SteaksFlat Iron Steak08 oz
SteaksRib Eye412 oz
SteaksFlo’s Filet3Either 8 or 10 oz
SteaksKansas City Strip/New York Strip012 oz
SteaksFire-Grilled T-Bone018 oz
SteaksOutlaw Ribeye122 oz
SteaksThe Longhorn116 oz
SteaksUSDA Prime Delmonico116 oz
Surf n Turf combosRenegade Sirloin with Redrock Grilled Shrimp4Either 6 oz or 8 oz
Surf n Turf combosFlo’s Filet with Redrock Grilled Shrimp46 oz
Surf n Turf combosFlo’s Filet with Lobster Tail26 oz
Surf n Turf combosFlo’s Filet with LongHorn Salmon46 oz
Meats (non-steak)Farmer’s Market Chicken46 oz
Meats (non-steak)Cowboy Pork Chops0
FishLongHorn Salmon27 oz and excludes rice which is very high in carbs
FishLongHorn Salmon310 oz and excludes rice which is very high in carbs
FishBlackened Salmon27 oz or 10 oz and excludes rice which is very high in carbs
FishRedrock Grilled Shrimp28 or 12 count and excludes rice which is very high in carbs
SidesFresh Steamed Asparagus3
SidesLongHorn Mixed Vegetables5
SidesFresh Steamed Broccoli3
DrinksUnsweetened tea1
DrinksDiet Coke or Coke Zero0
DrinksWhite wine4
DrinksRed wine5
DrinksIPA Draft116 oz
Steak ExtrasGrilled shrimp1
Steak ExtrasSauteed mushrooms6
Steak ExtrasGarlic butter2
Steak ExtrasLobster Tail2

Keto meal ideas at Longhorn

Here are four potential low carb meal options you can order so that you stay keto at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Meal 1:

  • Ribeye, 12 oz
  • Fresh Steamed Asparagus
  • Coffee

This meal is a classic steak dinner, with a juicy and flavorful Ribeye as the main dish. The Fresh Steamed Asparagus provides a healthy and low-carb vegetable option to round out the meal, and the coffee is a great choice for a caffeine fix without adding any carbs.

Meal 2:

  • Fire-Grilled T-Bone, 18 oz
  • Fresh Steamed Broccoli
  • Unsweetened Tea

For those who prefer a larger steak, the Fire-Grilled T-Bone provides a generous portion size while still keeping things low-carb. The Fresh Steamed Broccoli adds a nutritious veggie option, and the Unsweetened Tea provides a refreshing drink that won’t add any extra carbs.

Meal 3:

  • Flo’s Filet 6 oz with Redrock Grilled Shrimp
  • Fresh Steamed Asparagus
  • White Wine

This Surf & Turf combo is a great option for those who want a little bit of both steak and seafood. The Flo’s Filet is a tender and flavorful cut of steak, and the Redrock Grilled Shrimp provides a delicious and low-carb seafood option. The Fresh Steamed Asparagus adds another healthy veggie option, and the White Wine provides a classy drink option with a slightly higher carb count, but without breaking ketosis.

Meal 4:

  • Farmer’s Market Chicken, 6 oz
  • LongHorn Mixed Vegetables
  • Diet Coke

For those who prefer a non-steak option, the Farmer’s Market Chicken is a juicy and flavorful option that still fits within the keto-friendly guidelines. The LongHorn Mixed Vegetables provides a tasty and low-carb veggie option, and a glass of Diet Coke will allow you to have a bit of a sweet kick without actually having any sugar.

Foods you should avoid

Not everything at Longhorn is keto friendly, and you’ll want to avoid certain dishes. Avoid items that are battered or breaded like the buttermilk fried shrimp or things that are covered in sauced like the baby back ribs.

Sides like the mash potatoes or fries are also out of the questions as they are very high in carbs.

Finally, desserts and cocktails as Longhorn are, forgive the pun, off the menu. None of these options are keto friendly and all of them contain a significant amount of sugars and carbs. If you really need a sweet kick, stick with diet sodas or sweet n lows for your iced tea.

Tips to help you stay keto when eating out at Longhorn

Here are some tips to help you stick to your keto diet when eating out at Longhorn:

  1. Start with a salad or a side of steamed vegetables: A great way to start your meal off right is by choosing a low-carb option for your starter. The house salad or the grilled asparagus are both excellent keto-friendly choices that won’t break the carb bank. Just remember to be careful when it comes to salads because will the greens are keto, the dressings may not be.
  2. Stick with lean proteins: When it comes to the main course, opting for a lean protein is your best bet. The 6-ounce sirloin steak and the grilled salmon are both easy choices that will help you stay in ketosis.
  3. Skip the sauces: Sauces can add loads of sugar and carbs to your meal so it’s best to skip them altogether. If you’re feeling a little bit bare without any sauce, ask for some extra lemon wedges or avocado slices to add some flavor.
  4. Avoid the bread basket: The bread basket is an easy temptation but try to resist as it’s full of carbs that will quickly take you out of ketosis.
  5. Double up: When you’re hungry, it’s so much easier to break and order something filled with carbs. Rather than allowing your hunger to get the better of you, order an extra portion of your main course or go with the surf n turf so you can double up and stay in ketosis.
  6. A fry or two won’t hurt: Remember, to stay in ketosis you typically need to stay under 50 carbs per day. While that may not seem like a lot, it’s actually more than you think. Especially, if you strictly limited your carbs up to that point, you can indulge in a little bit of fries or bbq sauce.


Eating out on keto can be tough and seeing all your friends and family around you enjoying their meals can make you want to break. Fortunately, being keto at longhorn isn’t too difficult with plenty of great steaks and fish on the menu. Just stick to your proteins, veggies and diet drinks and you’ll have a great time without breaking ketosis.

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