How ‘Atkins’ Is Your Lifestyle?

Earlier this week I was approached by Atkins to link my readers to their new campaign “How Atkins Is Your Lifestyle?” and I am really excited, and proud, to bring this information to you today.  Atkins promotes the same low carb lifestyle I’ve written about on Butter Is Not a Carb for over a year and a half now, and is something I am very familiar with and have followed in the past.  There are so many wonderful success stories on the Atkins website of others who have followed a low carb lifestyle, so I urge you to check out their website to read their inspirational messages.  The Facebook quiz linked at the bottom of this post provides additional tips and ideas for you as well, especially if you are new to eating low carb foods.  I’ve seen their products appear in stores more frequently in recent years and I appreciate their effort to make low carb options available nationwide.  Please note, this entry is not sponsored by Atkins – I am posting this to provide my readers with more information and products that may help you achieve your low carb goals.  It’s never been easier to live a low carb lifestyle with the help of these tips from the team at Atkins.

How to Lead a Healthy, Low Carb Lifestyle

When many people think of Atkins, they associate it with zero carbs and endless plates of meat. But it really is easy and satisfying to live a low carb lifestyle. There are so many tasty treats still on offer, so you don’t have to compromise on flavor.

A scientifically proven way to gain a healthier and happier body is to be conscious of your carb levels. Whether it’s mixing up a lasagna using eggplant slices instead of pasta sheets, enjoying a cheeseburger without the doughy bun, or swapping a bowl of sugar-high cereal with an avocado omelette for breakfast, these small changes really do work wonders on your energy levels.

The problem with too many carbohydrates is that your body cannot burn them quickly enough for energy, and so they get stored in the body as fat instead. A bloated belly is not uncommon when you’re snacking on carb heavy foods like bread, rice and takeout due to this. And those cravings that suddenly kick in are the result of too many quick-fix sugary treats.

Opting for a diet rich in good fats, lean protein and fruit and vegetables leaves you feeling satisfied for longer, helping you curb those cravings.

If you’re trying to lower your carb intake and aren’t sure where to start, try out the new Atkins quiz on Facebook. Your food and lifestyle approach may be more aligned to Atkins than you think!

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