Current Favorite Go-To Low Carb Snacks

A lot of low carb eaters are always in the market for new snack foods to have in their desks at work or in the kitchen at home.  I am not much of a snacker.  I like eating 3 square meals and maybe something small for dessert, if I’m in the mood.  I do like trying new foods, though, and can include these items with lunch at work or while dinner is cooking.  There are also some weekend days where I’m just not hungry until maybe 1 or 2pm but I don’t want a big meal, so a few snacks hold me over until dinner.  The last few months I’ve found a few keto-friendly snack options that would be great throughout the day if you’re craving a little something before the next meal.  In addition to these products, other favorites of mine are pepperoni slices, full fat mozzarella string cheese sticks, pickles and celery with unsweetened peanut butter.

Some of these snacks were ordered from Netrition.  Netrition is a website with a lot of food items that cater to numerous dietary restrictions.  Their low carb section has a great variety of foods including condiments, snacks, breads, baking products and candy.  I try to eat real food (and not “frankenfood”) as much as possible, so I like to keep my consumption of processed low carb foods to a minimum, but once in a while these foods are okay in moderation.  In addition to the cheese snacks pictured above, my first Netrition order also included some low carb sugar free bbq sauce and low carb tortillas, both of which were seriously delicious.

The first item I found at Whole Foods early on in my low carb journey.  SeaSnax are “grab & go” seaweed snacks that come in a variety of flavors: wasabi, chipotle, onion and original.  I like that these are all natural or organic, gluten free, no GMOs and no MSG, among other things.  I have tried both the chipotle and wasabi flavors, as I like things spicy, and really do enjoy them both.  Each pack is only 15 or 16 calories, so they’re easy to fit in my daily calories goal.

The chipotle flavor has 0g total carbs and the wasabi flavor has 0.2g, which I feel is basically zero.  As you can see the ingredients lists are short and full of things I can pronounce, which is good!

Each packet comes with square sheets of seaweed that are dried, crispy and flavorful.  I like that these two flavors are just a hint of wasabi and chipotle and not completely overbearing.  I’ve always liked seaweed and sushi and knew I’d like these – if you like sushi, too, you should try them!  I am able to find SeaSnax in the asian aisle of Whole Foods.

Next on my list are Just the Cheese crunchy baked cheese snacks.  These come in a wide variety of flavors like jalapeno, barbeque, sour cream and onion, white cheddar, bacon, nacho, pizza and herb and garlic.  I ordered the 2oz bags from Netrition.  These are 100% baked cheese and super crunchy!  I was not totally sold when I first tried the barbeque flavor, but both snacks pictured are winners for sure.

Per serving these only have 1g carbs, 6.5g fat and 16% of your daily calcium – all the flavors I have have the same nutritional breakdown.  They are great potato chip replacements and would be a good movie theatre or road trip snack, too.  I like how they are light but very crunchy and flavorful and I’m sure I’ll be trying some other flavors soon!

I also tried Moon Cheese from Netrition, a similar concept to Just the Cheese.  Moon Cheese is 100% cheese and gluten free but are definitely a different texture which makes them unique.  These come in three flavors: cheddar, gouda and pepperjack.  I’ve tried cheddar and pepperjack and love them both.

Moon Cheese snacks are light cheese puffs.  The pepperjack has just enough spicy while the cheddar tastes almost exactly like Goldfish.  Again, these would be really good at the movies or during a long car ride and they have a great nutritional breakdown for low carb diets.

At just 1g total carbs per serving, these are a perfect keto snack.  I imagine these would be great for lunch with tuna salad or a wrap sandwich in place of chips especially because they are so crunchy.  Again, the ingredients list is short and full of real foods which makes me feel even better about enjoying them.

I am probably the last person to hop on the Quest Bar train, but I’m glad I finally tried them.  Quest Bars are very popular among health and nutrition enthusiasts, especially weight lifters as they are high in protein.  Quest Bars are high carb, but also very high in fiber (which can be subtracted from the carbohydrate total) and, if you buy the natural Quest Bars made with Stevia, you can also subtract the sugar alcohols from the total, making these a relatively low carb treat.  These bars are then only 3g net carbs which is really low when you compare them against other protein bars at Whole Foods or GNC.

The naturally sweetened flavors are banana nut muffin, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon roll, coconut cashew, double chocolate chunk, lemon cream pie and strawberry cheesecake.  I would really like to try the cookies and cream or cookie dough flavors – everyone I know that likes Quest Bars says those are the best flavors.  For me, these are limited to occasional treats rather than daily staples given the high protein, low fat ratio.  I highly recommend unwrapping a bar, placing it on a sheet of parchment paper and putting it in the microwave for 10-12 seconds to warm up before eating.  Some people are very creative and use pieces of Quest Bars as bases for brownie and cookie recipes – you can find a wide variety on Pinterest.

I will definitely be on the look-out in the future for other keto-friendly snacks.  I think it’s good to keep some around in the event of late afternoon hunger.  Hopefully this post has given you some new options to try on your next grocery shopping trip.

Do you have any favorite low carb snacks?  Share them with me below in the comments!

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  1. carrie

    My go to snacks when Im between work/school/gym are quest bars (I usually eat half of a bar before I go to the gym), moon cheese, and individual bags of salted pistachios. When I want something “sweet” I allow myself 1/4- 1/2 cup of whole milk ricotta (depending on the brand) with cinnamon, chia seeds and a few strawberries on top and sometimes a tablespoon or two of whip cream for added sweetness.

    • I love Moon Cheese – such a great snack! I also love string cheese and pepperoni, celery with unsweetened peanut butter or wasabi-flavored almonds. Strawberries are delicious, too! Thanks for sharing Carrie!

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