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  1. DeAnne

    I love Low Carb eating and have lost a lot of weight very easiy the past 2 years. I had blood tests this week and found out my Cholesterol is 256 and my LDLs are 186!

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can do Low Carb but eliminate Butter, and other saturated fats. Is Benecol an appropriate butter substitute considering I must lower my saturated fats in my diet.

    Until this week I was using Red Palm Oil for my morning eggs but now will cook in Olive Oil.

    Any suggestions you have, I would love to hear!



    • Hi DeAnne. I would spend time reading the Authority Nutrition website start to finish. Dietary cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol; this is a myth. You do not need to remove butter and saturated fats from your diet. The “heart healthy” diet fad from the 1970s (aka the low fat diet pushed by the government and the AHA) is pretty bad advice, actually. Olive oil is great, I love coconut and avocado oil as well. I think butter is just fine, too. Do you exercise? That might help your levels. Honestly though, Authority Nutrition probably has better answers than I could ever give. Hope that helps!

  2. Amy

    Could you think of anyways to make a sausage gravy ( like biscuits and gravy) without xantham gum? I’m debating testing with almond or coconut flour, but was hoping you may have some insight.

    • Hmm without xanthan gum is hard, because that really is the best low carb thickener. Is there a reason you need to omit it? You could try making a gravy from heavy cream, cream cheese, salt, and pepper, but it might not be a super authentic gravy texture. That would be what I’d try first, though.

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