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This blog is dedicated to helping readers that are either on the keto diet or simply wanting to eat low-carb, enjoy their meals both at home and eating out.

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About This Website

My Journey:

Hello there! I’m Michael, the creator behind Braised Butter Bros.

Switching to keto wasn’t a cakewalk for me. In fact, the journey had its share of ups and downs. I, like many, fell prey to the carb cravings and misinformation.

When I first delved into keto, the challenge was to find credible sources and practical advice to keep me on track. Had there been a platform like this, my keto initiation would’ve been smoother.

This is the essence of Braised Butter Bros – A reliable space where you can find everything keto.

My keto story:

Growing up, pasta, bread, and sugary delights were staples. Keto? It was a term I wasn’t even familiar with! But as I approached my 30s, I felt the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. My research led me to the ketogenic diet, and its science-backed benefits intrigued me.

Getting on the keto wagon

I jumped onto the keto train in early 2019. With the promise of fat loss and increased energy, I was all in. But the road wasn’t as straightforward as I’d anticipated. The initial hurdles were challenging: keto flu, cravings, and the constant need to monitor macros.

Struggling, learning, and finally acing keto

After many hiccups, with perseverance and continued learning, I finally got the hang of it. The key was not just about counting carbs but understanding the food I was putting into my body. Like many others, I had to sieve through tons of misleading content online. A one-stop, accurate source of information would’ve made things much simpler!

Here to make your keto journey a breeze

Reflecting on my struggles and triumphs, I decided to create a space where accurate, easy-to-digest, and practical keto advice thrives.