How To Stay Keto At Dutch Bros: Including All Keto Coffee On The Menu

There’s nothing quite like a delicious coffee pick-me-up from Dutch Bros to kick-start your day or keep you going when you need an energy boost. However, with all the sweet and creamy drinks available, navigating their menu can be a bit of a challenge when you’re trying to stay low-carb. Fret not, fellow keto enthusiasts! We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on how to stay keto at Dutch Bros, featuring all the keto-friendly coffee options you can enjoy without compromising your diet. Sip on and stay in ketosis, even while savoring your favorite Dutch Bros beverages!

Before ordering from Dutch Bros

Eating or drinking out will always be a challenge for us keto people. With so many potential hidden carbs lurking on different menu items, it can be tricky to know what exactly you can order. That’s why it’s always worth doing a little prep beforehand and scouting out the menu.

You can check out the Dutch Bros menu here.

And whilst Dutch Bros don’t have a simple nutritional page, if you go on the individual menu items, you can see the nutritional information. Here is an example via their cold brew.

Tips for staying keto at Dutch Bros

Armed with a little knowledge and preparation, maintaining your ketogenic lifestyle at Dutch Bros is definitely achievable. Keep these helpful tips in mind when ordering your next coffee, and you’ll be able to indulge guilt-free while keeping your carb count in check.

1. Americanos

When in doubt, stick to black coffee. Americano’s are just an espresso plus water and you can stay safe in the knowledge that you are just getting the pure, unadulterated thing. No worries about hidden carbs at all. This is actually how I prefer to drink coffee and I find the bitterness and caffeine gives you a wakeup jolt that simply can’t be beat. In fact, it’s what fuels all the articles I write on the site!

2. Use alternative milk options

If you’re really trying to keep your carbs extra low, then you could opt for an alternative milk like unsweetened almond which actually contains less than half the carbs of regular milk!

3. Keep an eye on portion sizes

When it comes to staying keto at Dutch Bros, size matters. Opt for a smaller-sized drink to avoid consuming unnecessary carbs. Remember, even keto-friendly ingredients can add up if consumed in large quantities.

4. Ask for sugar-free

If you really need a sweet hit then don’t worry because Dutch Bros have got you covered. They actually offer a number of sugar-free options without sacrificing the sweetness including their delicious range of Rebel energy drinks.

5. Skip the whipped cream

As tempting as it may be, whipped cream can quickly increase your carb count. To stay in ketosis, ask your barista to leave the whipped cream off your drink.

Keto Drinks at Dutch Bros

Now, let’s get into what exactly you can order without breaking ketosis at Dutch Bros.

Black Americano

As I mentioned earlier, the black Americano is the perfect keto coffee order… as long as you can handle it. It’s nothing but an espresso and water that delivers a strong, bold flavor. If you can’t drink it straight, you can ask for some sugar-free sweeteners or even some milk or cream.

Total Carbs: Large (3g), Medium (2g), Small (2g)

Cold Brew

Pretty similar to the Americano, the cold brew boasts a smooth, rich flavor with minimal carbs. Cold brew coffee is created through a unique brewing process that sets it apart from traditional hot coffee. To make cold brew, coarsely ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for an extended period, typically between 12 and 24 hours. This slow extraction method results in a coffee concentrate with a less acidic, smoother flavor profile. Again, if it’s a bit too bitter for you, you can supplement with sweeteners and cream.

Total Carbs: Large (3g), Medium (3g), Small (2g)

Nitro Cold brew

Another great option is the nitro cold brew. Very similar to a regular cold brew, the difference here is the process of infusing colorless, odorless nitrogen gas into the coffee. But if that freaks you out, don’t worry. All it does is change the texture adding extra smooth velvety-ness to the beverage. And just like the other drinks, you can also ask for cream of sugar-free syrups.

Total Carbs: Large (3g), Medium (3g), Small (2g)

Rebel Energy Drinks

Dutch Bros proprietary line of energy drinks, these beverages are not only delicious, but they pack a real caffeine punch too. And the best part is there are sugar-free options which are perfect for keto followers. Their current sugar-free offerings are the Blue Rebel and Peach Rebel.

Total Carbs: Large (4g), Medium (4g), Small (3g)


A great alternative to both coffee and the rebel energy drinks is unsweetened tea. This provides a much subtler flavor as well as a milder caffeine hit. The best keto offering include the earl gray tea, green tea, hot cinnamon spice tea and the Paris Tea. Most of these contain artificial sweeteners so if you want something very plain, go with the earl gray.


Finally, another delicious menu item is the breve. This high fat drink combines coffee with their half-and-half Kick Me Mix. It’s an intensely creamy drink that also pairs nicely with a sugar-free syrup. It’s one of my go to choices when plain coffee just isn’t cutting it.

Total Carbs: Large (7g), Medium (5g), Small (4g)

Sugar-Free Syrups at Dutch Bros

Not everyone can or wants to take their coffee black so what can you do if you need a bit of sweetness without opting for a rebel? Well good news, Dutch Bros offers a number of sugar-free syrups to make your beverage that little bit more tasty. These include:

  • Chocolate macadamia
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Hazelnut
  • Peppermint
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Irish Cream

If you prefer a non-syrup sweetener, they also provide Truvia, Sweet N Low and Splenda.

Milk and Cream Options

While I love plain black coffee, the same isn’t true for everyone. Fortunately, Dutch Bros have a number of milk and cream options that are ok for people on keto. These include:

  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Almond Milk 

What to avoid At Dutch Bros

Unfortunately, not everything on the menu is suitable for people on keto. While sugar-free offerings are there, most drinks that haven’t been mentioned previously in this article are filled with sugar. This includes their hot chocolates, sodas, smoothies, frosts and chai lattes. Additionally, all of their baked goods are also filled with carbs so unfortunately, this isn’t the place to stop for a bite.

Summary: Keto At Dutch Bros

Getting your caffeine hit is likely a very important part of your morning routine. And while you can just make your coffee at home, there’s no reason why you can go out to Dutch Bros. With plenty of great keto options on the menu, it’s a fantastic place to enjoy your morning coffee.

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